Cleaning debris out of your garden can be one of the best preventative measures to take in your garden. It prevents disease and allows your plants to flourish in the new season. Ask us about our nourishing double-shredded leaf mulch to give your plants a nutritional boost and reduce the time you spend weeding all year long!


Our garden fairies would love to take care of your garden all season long. Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly visits keep your garden from becoming overgrown and unmanageable. Having us come regularly means you don't have to worry about costly do-overs in neglected garden beds.


Sometimes life is busy. We get that. Whether you just need a little help tidying your garden for an upcoming party or need someone to water your beautiful plants while on vacation, we have you covered. 


Our creative designers will put together an annual display for any season. Our personalized displays are always the talk of the neighborhood! Click to our photo gallery to see what we can do!


Free up your evening by letting us mow your lawn using our earth-friendly bio-diesel equipment. Rest easy knowing you're choosing the green alternative! 


Eating nutrient-dense produce from your own garden is superior to grocery store produce in so many ways. Not only is it rewarding, but you know exactly where your food is coming from. We can design, install and maintain a garden that fits your taste.


Our professional pruning team places priority on the well-being of your shrubs and trees. Regular pruning is the most important step in maintaining the health and safety of your plants. Aesthetics are important, too; we’re experts at shaping hedges or topiaries and maintaining stunning shrubs and trees.