The story of Schönheit Gardens starts in 2001 on the other side of the globe...


    Heidi and Peter, pictured here with their adorable son Jasper, are the founders of Schönheit Gardens. The two came up with a landscaping business concept after spending one year abroad, working in horticulture. Peter is from Northern Germany and Heidi from Northern Wisconsin; they met in New Zealand while they both were working on farms, floral shops and plant nurseries. After studying horticultural practices in New Zealand, they decided to go to Australia to continue their adventures and studies, along the way building a foundation that would eventually become Schönheit Gardens.

    The name for the business comes from a German word, roughly translating to "optimal beauty." This phrase, Gardens of Optimal Beauty, encompassed Heidi and Peter's vision for their future company. They didn't want to create ordinary outdoor spaces, they wanted to create the most beautiful gardens around. This concept remains solid in the business philosophy and has even expanded to create not just beautiful gardens, but to create a greener and more beautiful future for our customers, team members and community.

Gardens 093.JPG

    In its 17th year of business, Schönheit Gardens is still thriving and continuing to expand. With the purchase of over 18 acres of land in 2015, Schönheit will be expanding the Compost Production Program. As always, Schönheit will continue to grow the nursery and landscaping departments by increasing community outreach and advertising, event sponsoring and, as always, by word of mouth from satisfied customers. 

    The success of the company is owed largely to the amazing team at Schönheit Gardens. Without the hard work, dedication, knowledge and enthusiasm that our team members have, Schönheit Gardens would not be what it is today.