Meet Linnzi, our August Garden Warrior!

face rock

Linnzi is a very important gal around here—she’s our new nursery manager and she’s ROCKIN’ IT! She’s grown into her role as a leader so very well and we’re extremely appreciative of all her efforts! Linnzi’s openness to new ideas and ways of doing things, as well as her honesty when brainstorming, are cherished qualities both in the office and outside in the nursery.

Linnzi is extremely hard-working, frequently putting in overtime (without complaint!) to make sure everything in the nursery is running smoothly. She’s always prepared to set up nursery gals as they filter in throughout the morning. Splitting her time between office work and being a part of the team outside in the nursery has been a big change for her and comes with challenges that she’s conquering. The nursery gals continue to feel well-loved AND she’s getting all the behind-the-scenes work done too!

Being a good leader and teacher doesn’t come easily to everyone, but Linnzi demonstrates an ability to teach that the nursery gals really appreciate. She is able to accommodate all the learning styles and personalities of the team and is supportive of individual needs. Oftentimes, people need repetition to catch on to a method and she shows no frustration in repeating herself.  The result of her patience is employees who really understand what they’re doing and feel comfortable asking questions.

We’re so happy to have Linnzi leading our nursery team here at Schönheit Gardens!