Meet Adam, our November Garden Warrior!


Adam had the challenge of joining us in the middle of the season and is doing so with grace! We’re lucky to have him taking charge of the yard and getting our space in tip-top shape (day after day after day after day).

Adam is the go-to guy for any issues in the morning and he is quick to respond! If you’re missing something or just need an extra hand, he’s the guy to find. Mornings can get pretty chaotic around here with all the crews loading for the day, so having someone like Adam to help out allows for those early hours to go much more smoothly.

Everyone can really appreciate Adam’s handiness, especially the nursery gays. They have a go-to guy for projects, improvements and muscle. In addition, his general knowledge about vehicles and tools makes him a versatile person to have around the yard. These qualities, along with his hard-working attitude and willingness to take on any task, make him a key player in the smooth functioning of Schönheit Gardens.

One of the greatest things about Adam joining our team is his desire to find efficient and creative solutions to problems. Often we don’t even know there’s a problem before he’s changed something for the better! His superb listening skills really shine in this area, because he takes into account everyone’s needs when finding solutions. And if his ideas aren’t received favorably, he’s willing to tactfully step back and see what’s best for the functionality of the company.

We’re so glad to have Adam as part of the Schönheit crew and are appreciative of all his hard work!