Meet NOAH, our July Garden Warrior!


What’s not to love about Noah?!  Noah is an every-day Garden Warrior for so many reasons, but this month he has the extra privilege of being named our official July Garden Warrior.

He’s always there to lend a hand, dive in on the hardest, most physically demanding aspects of any job, and always has a can-do attitude.

In addition to the Garden Warrior title, Noah would win the “Filthiest Crew Member” award this month too. In fact, he’d win it month after month. You never have to question how hard Noah worked on a given day if you just glance at the stains on his clothes.

Noah is always respectful of others and has great communication, especially with our clients who often request him specifically to do their jobs. Clients totally love him.

He’s becoming more calm and confident in his management position, which is a great example for all the other crew members moving up within Schonheit Gardens.

Noah is always trying to stay in the loop and never hesitates to ask questions when he’s a little unsure about a given task and always updates you when he’s done. Just another testament to his strength in communication.

His work ethic isn’t the only thing to rave about—Noah is always able to put smiles on people’s faces . It may often be a result of a lame joke he found on the internet the night before, but it’ll get the crew laughing when you thought it wasn’t possible on a 100 degree day while shoveling rock mulch. It’s a totally invaluable trait during long and trying days.