Meet Steph, our October Garden Warrior!


Of the words you might use to describe Steph, “warrior” would definitely be among them. A perfect tagline for this hard-working animal lover: “She may have been milking in the past, but she’s definitely not milking it now. Many of the Schonheit stallions could learn from this Clydesdale.” 100% accurate.

If you ask anyone here what they think about Steph, one of the first thing you’ll hear is how tirelessly she works to get the job done efficiently and well. She’s willing to do, try or learn anything, not only figuring out the “how,” but also the “why” so that she knows she’s completing the task in the best way she possibly can. She is always looking for ways to improve herself and her work, which is a true testament to her strong character and work ethic.

Steph is a great person to have on a crew because she can be counted on as a level-headed source of good energy and positive vibes. She doesn’t let stress or craziness disrupt her workflow, and since projects can sometimes take unexpected turns that cause upheaval, her consistency is extremely appreciated. Her calm and humble nature is so refreshing and truly admirable!

We have a really amazing “work family” here at Schonheit, and Steph is a perfect fit in that family. She’s a great source of corny jokes that are sure to make you laugh and has a fantastic sense of humor. She’s always supportive when team members need help, being patient and helpful as problems or questions arise. Best of all, she’s genuinely interested in others and she has a huge heart.

Her huge heart doesn’t stop with people…she also has an incredibly inspiring connection with animals. While we know she’s destined to do great things caring for four-legged friends as a career, we’re so happy we found her on her journey there.