Meet Justin, our September Garden Warrior!


This month, we’re excited to name Justin as our Garden Warrior! First thing’s first—one thing you must know about Justin is that he’s Schönheit Gardens’ Dance Champion Extraordinaire. Besides that, he’s an awesome team member who is always here early and ready to get to work, works hard to get jobs done efficiently, and a blast to have on a crew. He’s truly a great person!

Justin is an extremely committed team member and is always a valuable asset to his crew. He’s willing to do anything and everything without complaint, diving into each task with his full attention. Not only does he tackle any duties given to him by crew leaders, he also helps out in any way he can without being asked. It’s not surprising to turn around to find Justin behind you offering his help at just the right time with a smile on his face.

We all really appreciate Justin’s skills as a teacher. He’s often aware of those working around him, responding to their struggles or mistakes by offering own advice for working more effectively. He’s great at giving honest feedback in a way that is gentle, patient and conducive for learning.

Justin’s personality is a perfect match for the Schönheit Gardens team. He’s really good at keeping the day going with a light-hearted attitude and plenty laughter. He’s kind and compassionate and genuinely cares about the well-being of his fellow team members. We’re so happy to have Justin as a part of our Schönheit family and can’t wait to cheer him on when he becomes a professional dancer someday soon.