Meet Jutta, our May Garden Warrior!

Jutta is our company curator of strange and unusual found-objects.
Face rocks happen to be her favorite. 

face rock

Jutta has earned the title of Garden Warrior in every way possible. This is her third season with us, and she becomes a more valuable member of Schönheit Gardens with each passing year.

 Jutta came to us with a variety of amazing horticulture skills and experience, but that doesn’t stop her from wanting to learn more. She has been learning to operate our larger machinery with gusto, giving meaning to the term “girl power.” We especially appreciate that Jutta always has an eye out for safety.

 As a crew leader, Jutta  has an essential role of being the bridge between the project and the client.  Her confidence and down-to-earth communication style creates peace-of-mind for the client, knowing that their project is in skilled and professional hands. 

Jutta is a great team leader, teacher and motivator. She is never short on praise for a job a well done. It instills confidence in her fellow team members and makes her an extremely well-liked (dare we say loved!?) crew leader. She is an amazing teacher and takes the time to make sure you’re comfortable with the task at hand.  Her reliable, hard-working, team-oriented ethics exemplify the core of the Schonheit Values. 

 We’re so happy to have Jutta with us here at Schönheit Gardens!