A meeting with one of our Landscape & Design Managers that is free of charge and will last a half hour at most. The purpose of this meeting is to get enough information from you in order for us to price out the work to be done (design work, landscaping, etc.).


Conducted by one of our Landscape & Design Managers for clients who would like to do the work themselves. Billable time includes travel, on-site time, and off-site time. Off-site time can include design, plant selection, research, communication and plan reproduction costs. The fee is $125 per hour. Consultations have a wide range of purposes-- for example:

  • Design advise (drawings, sketches, bed-lines, etc.)
  • Plant care and maintenance advise (such as pruning, deadheading, specific perennial plant care) 
  • Plant suggestions, plant lists, etc. for particular garden areas