Winter can be hard. Really hard. Especially for those who spend their summer days buried among the flowers of their garden. It leaves a hole in our hearts during the long, cold months. Let's attempt to fill that hole with a few simple life hacks:

1. Add fresh flowers to your most-used room. 


Missing the bright colors of summer? Pick up some flowers on your next trip to the grocery store! Really, you can make your own GORGEOUS arrangements inexpensively with help from Earnest Home co.'s tips

Fresh flowers are really one of my favorite winter survival hacks with so many perks:

  • On the dining room table? Meals will feel a whole lot fancier. 
  • Somewhere you see them in the morning? An instant mood booster.
  • Does your houseplant green thumb have a bad reputation like mine? Problem solved. Fresh flowers are easy peasy with their "just add water" attitude.

2. Keep those hands soft and supple.


In the winter, we trade dirt under our fingernails for dry cuticles. First thing's first-- let's all start using natural hand soap. Soap should not dry out your hands. If it does, it's probably got some ingredients you actually don't want on your skin. One made with Castile soap is a great choice!

Try giving yourself a little end-of-day exfoliating hand massage a couple times a week. Mix a teaspoon of sugar in a tablespoon of oil (coconut, sweet almond, jojoba, even olive oil is perfect for this!) and rub your hands for a couple minutes. Rinse with warm water and gently pat dry. 

Give this DIY lotion from Wellness Mama a try. It's super easy and makes a great gift, too!

3. Move your body with yoga for gardeners (and image you're doing it lake-side).


Let's keep our bodies healthy this winter, shall we? All summer long I'm doing the repetitive actions of planting, weeding and watering, which takes a toll on my body. Winter offers a good break from that to stretch out your neck, shoulders and back to hit the reset button. 

Join us this summer for "yoga for gardeners" at our nursery on July 15th! Click for details.

4. Get outside.


Being someone who's always cold, it's hard for me to get myself bundled up to go adventuring in the winter. BUT...once I'm out and warming up with movement, I always feel so energized and fueled by the nature around me. 

  • Explore a neighborhood, "creeping" on everyone's gardens. This is a fun way to get ideas for the structural bones of your garden, since shrubs and trees are all that's standing in most winter gardens. And if homeowners didn't do a fall cleanup, you can spot some interesting seed heads and other textures of dead plant material. 
  • Rent a fat tire bike and ride in the snow. Really, it's SO MUCH FUN. Like snowshoeing on wheels. Does that even make sense? If you live in the Madison area, Camrock Cafe in Cambridge has bike rentals and is right at the trailhead! 
  • Head out on a photo expedition in your favorite state or county park, or find a new one to explore! 

If you're still longing for the days of lush green plants and can't wait a moment longer, click to our photo gallery to enjoy a glimpse of the warmer months. 

What do you do in the winter to fill that gardening void in your heart? Comment below!